Founded in mid 2015, Stemhouse has been one of the pioneering educational centers specializing in teaching STEM in English to young learners from kindergarten to secondary in Ho Chi Minh City. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Recently, STEM educational approach has been pursued in many developed countries due to the important role of STEM in improving economic growth in the highly competitive global cooperation environment.


Stemhouse is also one of the leading educational centers to have brought Vietnamese students to popular international playgrounds. In the last few years, many students at Stemhouse have achieved internationally - recognized certificates and awards such as Edexcel, IMC, AMO, SASMO, ABC Hachathon, AMEC, STICK, WSC… These achievements give Vietnamese students an advantage in their academic portfolios when they apply for scholarships.


At the same time, Stemhouse has wide connections with accredited educational organizations in developed countries and has always brought the best from these education systems to Vietnamese students.


The teaching staff at Stemhouse is trained to follow the most updated educational strategy to give students early preparation and build up the best foundation for them to grow further. Especially, students here are equipped with skills and knowledge to become GLOBAL CITIZENS, given more chances to study abroad and able to follow STEM education in any other countries where English is used as a medium of teaching.