In the modern world, science and technology’s development has created changes in many professions and in the future, its impact will be even stronger. Reports from developed countries indicate that jobs related to science and technology have a stronger growth than other industries. For example, statistic from the US shows that from 2004 to 2014, this employment growth for this sector has increased by 26% and is predicted to raise by 22% from now to 2025. In the foreseeable future, computer will gradually take responsibility for our manual works due to the constant development of artificial intelligence.

Facing this change, the future workforce, who holds the necessary knowledge and skills in technology control and development, will be lacking if training and development plans are not provided. This issue is not just applied for the US but it also has a global impact, as technology will be part of all countries and businesses.

STEM has become the most searched keyword and the most popular educational topic in recent years. At present, not only Western countries such as USA, Australia, and Germany ... but Asian countries like Japan, Korea and Singapore have also set up the path for their educational program to catch up the rapid change of the future professions. At the time, former President Obama had announced the plan to add 100,000 STEM teachers to public schools in the United States, which so the need for STEM education is critical.

STEM, in other words, is a cross between Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM really breaks down the intangible barriers between common classroom subjects. STEM teaches students to combine and apply common knowledge to solve real life problems. The values ​​that STEM bring to Vietnamese students are the "skills of the 21st century" (teamwork, critical thinking, researching and problem solving) following the four pillars of learning provided by UNESCO (learning to know - learning to do - learning to be - learn to live together.)

Therefore, access to STEM from primary school will help students gain the necessary knowledge and skills in the High-tech age. In addition, learning STEM will provide Vietnamese students with the opportunity to join the global workforce, not just being boxed in the local workforce.